Wix vs WordPress

Confused! Wix vs WordPress who’s the best?
Wordpress is famous website builder which owns 30% share of website market and Wix got famous through lots of advertisements contains 22.4% share of the total market both are growing faster day by day
now the question is which one is best? Each has its own pros and cons we will compare them in 9 categories


WordPress-Basically it is free to use but you need a domain and hosting to use it and you can get a good hosting at less than 5$ per month with unlimited storage and bandwidth plus if you buy hosting for a year many hosting companies will provide you a domain for free

Wix-It is not free you have to buy a subscription plan the basic plan will cost you around 11 dollars per month with 3GB storage and 2GB bandwidth only if you want more resource you have to buy bigger plans plus you also have to buy domain separately

Wordpress as it is more cost efficient than wix

Drag and Drop Builder

WordPress-Yes drag and drop builder is available in WordPress but it’s not inbuilt you have to install the 3rd party plugins like elementor and wpbakery to use it

Wix-It contains inbuilt drag and drop builder which is easy to use and doesn’t require any extra plugin to be installed

Wix as its Builder is easy to use and have all the basic required features

E-commerce functionality

WordPress-To use e-commerce functionality in WordPress you have to install woocommerce plugin which is developed by the WordPress developers it is easy to use better in performance and safe

Wix-Similarly like WordPress you have to enable e-commerce functionality and it has very good features but the downside is that you have to upgrade your subscription plan which starts from 20$ per month for an e-commerce website and it’s only suitable for small business

because both have similar functionality if we compare for small business but if you have large business WordPress is the best choice


WordPress-If Proper SEO plugin like Yoast SEO is used then it is totally recommended and it is compatible with google search console

Wix-It is totally SEO friendly but if we talk about image SEO than it does not allow us to rename our image which affects the ranking somehow in a high competition which is a downside

Wordpress is a direct winner because it solves all SEO related problems if the proper plugin is used

Pagespeed (Load Time)

WordPress-It totally depends on the hosting you will use if you will use shared hosting you will get slow speed compared to VPS Hosting

Wix-Each subscription plan has the same speed and it is quite fast

Wix because you don’t have to worry about which type of hosting you should use

Customization at the Advance coding level

WordPress-if you want to do some customization at the coding level you can easily perform any changes at any point

Wix-You can perform changes at coding level but you can do advance modifications as Wix service will not allow you to do that

Wordpress is a direct winner as you have access all the file you want

Plugin and Themes

WordPress-it contains 54,000+ free plugins and more than 40,000+ free themes to chose from. it has all type of plugins you can think for and themes to match your business

Wix-you have to choose from approx 594 themes and only 288 plugins are available in wix marketplace which is less than 2% compared to WordPress

Wordpress is a direct winner because the figures speak everything


WordPress-Plugin like WPML can be used to translate your website in any language you want it can support a maximum number of languages

Wix-It also support multi-language but it’s very bad in comparison to WordPress as per my experience it can’t translate all the words and it supports very fewer languages

Wordpress because it has the ability to translate each and every word with great accuracy and if you want a multi-language website than it is the best choice

Data Transport

WordPress-We can Transport our 100% data any wehere anytime we won’t we have full control over it

Wix-as per wix terms and condition we cant transport our data outside the Wix

Wordpress is Clear winner


As we Compared both the Website builder WordPress and Wix By Dividing them into 9 categories I conclude that if you want to create a basic blog or very small business website then you can use Wix but if you want high functionality website with more features and better design options that WordPress is Best and Recommended

So the WINNER of Wix vs WordPress is “WORDPRESS
hope this article will help you to chose which builder is good for your Website
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